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We are now the Largest & fastest growing Mobile Coffee Cafe business in South Africa and very proud what we have achieved thus far. We boast our offerings by not compromising quality and service to you and your customers, employees or guests. We at Mobile Coffee Café™ have incorporated high-end hot espresso base beverages, ice coffee, frappe, hot chocolate, select teas and some of the normal coffee shop delights that accompany a good cup of coffee, in 3 different mobile solutions.

Mobile Coffee Trailer

Being lovers of a good cup of coffee and a passion for the hospitality industry, we looked for a way to still produce a great cup of coffee but without all the high overheads, as well as being mobile at the same time. We designed a mobile coffee shop that would suit the South African climate and be rugged enough to go anywhere in any weather condition that can be managed and run by one to two people.

All the baristas who staff our trailers are professionally trained in the art of coffee making and guest relations. We provide top quality training in order to ensure that service levels are maintained and experienced by consumers.

Indoor Pop-Up solution

We have now incorporated our high-end hot and cold espresso based beverages service in our professional indoor Pop-Up solution.
Our indoor counters, mobiles and equipment are manufactured to our specifications from the best materials and are fully compliant with all health, safety and fire requirements. They are ergonomically designed for ease of setup offering a professional barista service to your clients.
Due to the small footprint we can be positioned in any area of a function facility, expo, office space or private residence providing your guests, customers or employees with convenience and accessibility.
Our Mobile Coffee baristas are trained by the very best coffee industry professionals, ensuring that you get world-class coffee at all times.

Mobile Coffee Cafe™ Urban Espresso

Mobile Coffee Café For Any Occasion™ Launches its new Mobile Urban Espresso Coffee Trucks in June 2018. They are ergonomically designed for the rugged South African climate, are light and easily to drive from site to site and no special licences are required, just a regular drivers licence. The concept is to take mobile coffee to the streets, street food and coffee trucks will play a vital part in the future as food trucks cost much less to start and run than a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant. They can also quickly and easily test new concepts, menus and recipes. Food trucks are tightly focused on their customers, interacting closely and intimately with patrons every day, both in-person and through the extensive use of social media Apps, these interactions provide instant insights into customer preferences. Our Urban Espresso Coffee Trucks being mobile can move from location to location where the customers goes you will go. They are easily positioned at office parks, parking plots, small shopping centres, stations, beachfront, and schools or just alongside a busy road or thou-fair, providing your patrons with convenience and accessibility. The food truck industry has tapped into powerful consumer trends, especially the desire for fresh, local, quality served quickly and conveniently. Using social media and geolocation apps & tools, they broadcast the location of your service and offering, while being easily found in unique and often changing locations. These trends, coupled with their low cost and flexible business model, will drive your Urban Espresso Coffee Truck to continued success.


Booking Procedures

The trailer is compact and mobile with a footprint of only 6.8m², it can be positioned in any area of a function facility, sports field/stadium, school, market, office park or festival, providing your patrons with convenience and accessibility. The only requirement will be that we have access to power and clean water. (We have our own generators should you not have power available)

Please send us some more information on your event and how we can make it special by following the link below.

Booking Options

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